Services and Prices
Acceptable forms of payment are cash, in-state checks, or money orders only.

Aerial Maps Paper (composite aerial & parcels)1$6.00 ea
Division of Aerial Maps Paper (either aerial or parcels)1$12.00 ea
Postage for all paper maps mailed$1.00 ea
Pasco County Plat Book ($5.00 S/H ea)$10.00 ea
Misc Info
Across the Counter Printouts$.15 pg
NAL & MAF On-Line Printouts$.15 pg
Microfiche Prints Dade City - New Port Richey$.15 pg
Certifying Prints$2.00 pg
Copies from Copy Machine$.15 pg
Apartment Index$10.00
Golf Course Index$10.00
Mobile Home & Travel Trailer Park Index$15.00
Sales List Shopping Center Index$10.00
Public Information Searches$4.00 ea
Title Research or Inspection of Legal Descriptions2$5.00 - $20.00
Fixed length ASCII or EBCDIC files
Dept. of Revenue Formatted Tapes3 (DR-590/12D8, Preliminary or Final)$100.00
NAL Tapes3$100.00
MAF Tapes3$100.00
Tangible Tape3$100.00
GIS map database (ESRI export or shape and dxf)3$100.00
Digital Aerial Photography *
Digital color aerial photography with Arc/INFO world files
Single section image @ 1-foot resolution3,5 Also available at no charge on our downloads page.$10.00
Countywide Section Images (824 Total) @ 1-foot resolution4$100.00
One Countywide Image @ 45-foot resolution3$100.00
Media Cost (CD/DVD)6$1.00
Postage (per disc)6$1.00
* Digital aerial photography products are registered, but are not rectified and are not orthophotos.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, please contact one of our offices. Contact information can be found here.

1. Aerial maps are not immediately available, orders are taken in advance and a phone call is made when the order has been processed.

2. Property owners will not be charged for title research and inspection of legal descriptions for property they currently own.

No title research or inspection of legal descriptions will be performed via telephone.

All other title research or inspection of legal descriptions will be charged for as follows: $5 for each legal description in a recorded subdivision; $10 for each single page legal description not in a recorded subdivision; and $20 for each multi-page legal description not in a recorded subdivision.

Property Appraiser's Office title research or inspection of legal descriptions are not performed by a licensed attorney or surveyor.

3. Purchaser Can Provide 1 CD-R or DVD-/+R

4. Purchaser Can Provide 1 DVD-/+R

5. Orders for single sections can be emailed upon receipt of payment

6. Purchaser can provide media and self address stamped return mailer.